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A member cellist of the Daegu Symphony Orchestra beginning life with the cello in Junior High has masterfully been performing, following a stint at the Busan Symphony Orchestra.

  Life’s challenges, chances and turns have drawn her near those marginal few of the society and set out to find a way especially for those with hearing impairment to “feel” the music as a way of proving them with psychotherapy. Getting the inspiration from her mentor, Ko, Young Kook of Aurora Light Bank, the patent holder for the LED illuminating device enabling music to be directed visually, she has decided to come up with an instrument for the hearing impaired to be able to “see” music. And she also thus holds a patent for the cello to be wrapped around the body and played more in a dynamic fashion, setting it apart from the conventional cello with end pin fixed to the floor.

 Ms. Lee performs a vocal and also a classical cellist, she performs as an electronic cellist having a colorful career from a producer, an inventor, a creator and an educator, a costume designer (for many concerts) to an environmentalist encompassing many professional areas. She thinks what it is to be Korean can be global and that is what   made her what she is as an artist. The ultimate goal of an artist is giving a sense of happiness and affection to the people, she tightly holds as a belief, and while she realizes the goal, she wants to affect those deprived of the blessings of hearing and of access to music in the small way she could. 

The life is a festivity! Be here!! Right Now!!



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No. 10-1416664-0000

The invention relates to the electron cello in which the carrying is facilitated and the light source is equipped. And in the normal electron cello, the portable instrument for the musical performance consists of the body rear side and the number of light source shift is squarely formed with body. The portable instrument for this musical performance is connected to the rear direction in the body center and the chest buffer unit of the lower abdomen supporting part: of the waist hanger part: of the ring structure can wear on the waist of the player and the support structure which is connected to the rear direction in the lower body and lays head on the lower abdomen of the player instead of the support point and the cushion structure in which the body upper portion is connected to the rear direction and which is settled in the chest of the player are included and the on-off operation of the multiple  light sources in which the number of light source shift is arranged in the body front side and light source and the light source control part: 


sealed preventing noise is included. In that way it flickering-controls the musical performance in which the electron cellist does not use the horn-peak consisting of the normal electron in the body lower part in the musical performance and supporting the electron cello with the portable instrument for the musical performance to the body of the player and which freely can move and which is dynamic is possible and the body burden due to the musical performance in which the chest impact applied according to the movement of the player from the electron cello is relieved in the musical performance in which the player is dynamic due to the chest buffer unit and which is dynamic is decreased The flash of the light source arranged in the front side is controlled and the player gives the visual impression in the musical performance. In addition the light source has the characteristic which can double being dynamic of the musical performance due to such visual impression.

경력 소개

Past performances


 ‘Her Double Life’ “KBS The Beautiful People, Humandocu”

2018.11 daegu art fair opening solo celebration concert

2018.11 global short film festival (Hongseong) closing ceremony concert

2018.11 opening concert in middle show Gayo of Yungyeonghya

International Optical Device Fair, COEX

Public Relations Ambassador for MDI France

Memorial Ceremony of Martin L. King.

Korea, China, and Japan Science Expo

International Marching Festival, the Korean Rep.

A Cultural Performance at World Expo in Gyoungju

Quick-off performance with the Ministry of Culture (EXCO)

International Mask Dance Festival, Andong

Inauguration performance, Mercedes Benz Chungdam Show Room

2018 Fine Arts Association, Presidential inauguration

2017 New-year Music Concert with the ‘Deep- rooted Cello,’ Kyungpook Univ. Hospital

2017 ‘The Deep-rooted Cello’ Concert, The Government Administrative Building, Daegu

2017 Dokdo, Ullungdo, the recipient of plaque of appreciation by Ullungdo Association

2016 Susung District Gymnasium, Opening Ceremony

2016 Susung District, The Little, Urban Concert

2015 Song Festival for the Disabled,

2011 World Championship in Athletics in Daegu, The Eve Concert

2008 The Ramsar Convention General Assembly, the ceremonial concert, self-congratulatory ceremony

2008 The MBC 45th Anniversary Concert

2006 KBO Golden Glove Award (63 Tower)

2002 World Cup Football Celebratory Concert

The International Photo Biennale (Coex)

The World’s first artificial tear announcement

Flash mob concert by 50 cellos and an electronic cello by Lee, Sang Hee

KAPA Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Guatemala, Chinandong elementary school, Cultural Benefactor Concert.

Nonsan Training Center, Concert

Lee Sang Hwa, Old Home Music Festival

International Lions Club, Presidential Inauguration Concert

Culture and Art Center Concert, Sejong City

Multi-Culture Festival, Milyang

Day for the Disable Concert, Waegwan

Namyangju City-hall Concert

50th Army Infantry Division Invitation Concert

‘Indian Mode’ Franchise Store Family Concert

Overseas Chinese School Festival, Daegu

Yangnyeong Market Festival

Miliary Personnel Administration Christmas Concert

Wall-removal celebration, East District, Daegu

General Shin, Sung Gyum related event

Hwang Hae Temple Concert

Ingak Temple Concert, Gunwi

Donghwa Temple, Buddha’s Birth day performance

Inauguration of Ayang Art Center

Buddha’s Birthday Performance, Palgong Mt.

The Culture Festival, Chungdo Country

Diamond Celebration Performance, Amway Korea, Coex

Buddha’s Birthday Performance, Bulguk Temple, Gyoungju

Joint Concert with Wind Brothers, The Student Culture Center, Daegu

The Tripe Festival, Anjirang

Invitation Concert for Coffee mania, Coffee Myunga

Lee, gidae, Special Concert, Daegu 

Alumnus Concert, Busan Commercial Highschool

Kangnung Movie Museum Inauguration Concert

Lay Writer’s Association, New Writer’s Award

Opening Ceremony, The Writer’s Association

CAMP WALKER Concert, US Forces Korea

2019, The Patriotic Poets, The Centennial Celebration of 3. 1 movement

The Literature Celebration (Lee, Sang Hwa Memorial Foundation)

Ex Member of the Busan Symphony Orchestra

Present Member of the Daegu Symphony Orchestra

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